Sunday, July 11, 2010

To Hell in a handbag

I had to do something both distasteful and ridiculous just now. I had to delete a post that I put on here last spring...Seems it was a target for Chinese porn spam and viruses...My computer guy assured me after a rash of "illnesses" that my machine had suffered that I should keep my eye open for a pattern of some sort. It seems that this one blog entry attracted a great deal of attention from the other side of the Pacific...and most had hypertext that led me on the rare occasion that I chose to follow to photo's of naked Chinese women and my machine would get "sick".

This is how our world has evolved. You can't venture out without the most massive protection that can be had. I'm in the minority of people that don't have a hand gun in my vehicle. You must be weary of any exchange of anything, should the person your dealing with be unscrupulous. the more we open up our lives to each other the more guarded we need to be....I have a sheet of paper filled on both sides with all my passwords and log on names that lives in the constant shifting pile of papers that lives on my desk. I've gotten in the habit to do a update and deepscan for virus control every night before I call it a day...I allow the night to be spent having a program seek any code in my machine that doesn't belong because some ass hole used his talent to attempt to unlock my machine and steal...I can't venture into any serious business without an attorney with me...cause its all in the words that are used.
...And to have my blog violated like this...I'm as disgusted as I was when I stepped out after one of our rare snowstorms to find some ass hole had laid in the snow with a saws all to remove my catalytic converter from under my truck...for $35 scrap price...It cost me almost $200 to replace it...This is how we've evolved. Instead of hitting you on the head with a rock and stealing your kill, they shoot you and steal your purse. Instead of having your mail stolen to get checking account numbers they break into your computer and steal it. This is how we've evolved, instead of of all the knowledge that is available to us, we are virtually illiterate cause why read, it'll be on TV if its important and we won't have to work for it. This is how we've evolved from an animal fascinated by making fire and killing for water rights, the rich steal from the poor and play hot potato with who's responsible for the greatest ecological disaster that we've known in recorded history...Instead of doing something about it...the whole gulf disaster was because WHOEVER was responsible for the repair and maintenance of the well didn't want to spend the money to repair a hydraulic line. We kill each over over the proper name of the same GOD, and who owns what piece of dirt as if anyone could own anything like a piece of the earth that will be here long after the owner of the piece of paper that says he owns it is in the ground turning to DUST...This is how we've evolved...we can perform miracles with technology and can communicate with anyone in the world in a second...and yet we still want to piss up river from our neighbors and get something for nothing....and they wonder why I live in a cave at corner of oblivion and desolation....I'm so disgusted right now I could throw up.